Welcome to the Struggle.

Hello Friends! Welcome to the struggle! I am on a personal mission to help every person I can from the bonds of addiction.  The disease of addiction is a relentless taskmaster. It lures you in with sweet and euphoric whispers. Then when you least expect it WHAM! You are hooked with hooks that you can not break free from. Then you are at the Masters beck and call. Dancing on strings of corruption and despair. Waking up God knows where with God only knows who.

Drinking until you pass out…

Anyone who has over indulged can relate to the above picture. I speak from experience. I know that the endless cycle of trying to kill the pain, to pushing the limit of life, to shame, to pain -we try and medicate that pain away. Work. Exercise. Alcohol. Drugs. Sex. Food. and the list goes on.  The sad part is once you are hooked-you come to a point of just trying to get “right” so you can get out of the bed in the morning.

Pretty soon, you have no job, no home, your friends don’t take your calls or answer the doors. Oh I know what your thinking…”that’s a bit extreme, isn’t it”. YEAH hello it is. Some people can’t relate to this at all because they have not experienced this kind of entrapment.  Those that can not understand say things like…”Just stop”or “you lack willpower” and other insensitive dribble drabble.

Show me a drug addict moneyand I’ll show you a human that is adaptable, who can give as good as they get, whose imagination can devise the most elaborate schemes to get money…my my we could’ve won awards for our acting…talk about the hustle and flow y’all.  But I digress.

It’s all about the recovering now. No more war stories, drugologies, apoligies or whatever. Let’s use every thing that we learned from the streets, bring it over and into our recovery and put it to work.

Let me know what you think. I would love to get some first hand stories of your success. I’d love to encourage those who are still struggling. AND if I have to –I’ll be your recovery drill sergeant.

Until next time!


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