“A Thousand Yesterdays’…”

I was in a place of contemplation, when this phrase dropped into my heart.

“A thousand yesterdays’ don’t have the power of your ‘right now’! Say this phrase out loud several times. Then say it a few times very slowly, annunciating each word. Think about the meaning of the words. Now say it again one more time

Are you beginning to sense the power of this statement? These simple 11 words when they are strung together in this particular order has more power for the addict that still suffers, the addict in recovery and those that have been stagnant in their recovery. This can be the statement that sets you free from your addiction, your mental blockade, your inability to break free and your key to leaving all of that behind.

So what! You’ve been an addict. What difference does it make how much you used, bought, slung, bagged, murdered, robbed or hurt. It’s in your PAST. Only you can let it ruin your right now and your future. We all did terrible things for our addictions. It has made us who we are. And I for one would not change the journey I took to become me.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I am very repentant for the pain I caused to my loved ones and friends. BUT and this is a big ole BUT—I wouldn’t be who I am today without that journey.

What am I. Well I’m passionate about recovery. Recovery from drugs, alcohol, food, sex, gambling, work, exercise –I’m passionate about recovering FROM EVERYTHING THAT STOPS US FROM BEING THE BEST WE CAN BE. That’s why the power of my right now, of your right now, of our right now simply crushes addiction under our feet. That’s how powerful being in the now and living in the now is for us. If you are breathing-you CAN recover!

right now

Right NOW I sit here tired as all get out. BUT I absolutely must tell you that you can make it. You can get out and in a few right nows, you will be tired on a Friday and you can write, share, sing, build, create anything that you want too to help those still in the prisons of their addictions.

Right now is your hope for a better later on, for a better tomorrow. Take heart and courage my dear friends. You do not struggle alone or in vain. Anything worth having is worth the price and struggle to obtain it. Don’t give up. Press into the now. Declare your freedom! Tell everyone you see that your right now is important.

Leave a comment, share a story, write a poem, sing a song. RAGE against the machinations of addictions everywhere in our world today. Fight on my friend! You are not alone.


Until next time. This is the Drill Sergeant saying live in the now! Fight on! LIVE.